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Brian Speck
Fine Arts
2017-2018 School Year


Course Description

 This course will help the students become well rounded in the fundamentals of photography with concentration in digital format. Instruction in the course will emphasize how cameras work, how composition and lighting work, creating meaningful visual stories, and how to use basic photo editing software to enhance content (meaning). Students will generally receive basic instruction, demonstration, and observe and critique student photos each day. Students will experience indoor and outdoor photo assignments on and off campus based on what they are learning. Off campus photos will be taken independently by students as we may not leave campus during the school day (unless exceptional circumstances arise). The focus of classroom instruction will be discussion-based reviews of photographs students have taken previous day(s), though some photo assignments will require students to shoot during class time. Students will learn to determine what makes a successful photo and what does not in the development of a strong digital photographic portfolio. Many top project photos will be selected for printing for students to include in their physical portfolios.