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Employer Matching Funds

How do matching gift programs work?

So if you donate $500 dollars to the school, if your company has a 1:1 ratio, it would also donate $500, doubling that donation. Some matching gift programs will even offer gifts at 2:1 or 3:1 ratios, tripling or quadrupling the donation respectively.

How do I know if my company matches? has compiled a list of companies that match their employee's donations. The best way is to ask your human resources department.

How does the matching donation process work?

The process is simple on both sides.  If your employer does match your donations to the school they will have a form. Typically your human resources department will have that form.  It could be online as well.  
  • Fill out the form from your employer
  • Note the entire donation amount or pledge for the year (either once or over time)
  • Submit your form to your employer. 
Once you've filled out the form and submitted it most employers will either mail or email us a form or a link to go online and confirm the donation. It's this simple!

Who can take advantage of this?

Anyone!  If you donate to the school and your employer does matching funds then you can do this.  It doesn't matter if you're an alumnus or someone that is related to you. 

Start The Process

School Info...

  • If you should request a matching donation from your employer for St. Joseph Catholic School, please use our legal name and Federal Tax ID.
Legal Name:  St. Joseph Catholic School
Address:  1501 VFW Rd.  Greenville, MS  38701 
EIN:  35-2522003