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In Kind Donations

St. Joseph Catholic School Current Needs

You may purchase items yourself and have them sent to the school or send a one-time donation to the school for the purpose of purchasing items you select.  
The list will be updated as things are needed or purchased.  If you have questions about anything on the list or need more details, please contact Laurie Bariola at
2 - DSLR Cameras (an example of a bundle)
  • 4k HD video
  • 20+ Megapixels
  • Action/portrait capabilities
2-compatible Wide-angle lenses
2-compatible Macro lenses
2-compatible Zoom lenses
2-compatible image stabilizer lenses
2-compatible camera-mounted microphones
2-camera/lens carry cases
2-professional tripods

 5-Conn-Selmer Prelude flute

 5- Conn-Selmer Prelude clarinet

 1-Conn-Selmer Prelude tenor sax

 2-Bonade alto sax ligature

 1-Bonade tenor sax ligature

 5-Bonade clarinet ligature

 1-Vandoren Traditional Reeds--clarinet 10ct. 2.5

 2-Vandoren Traditional Reeds--clarinet 10ct. 3

 1-Vandoren Traditional Reeds--alto sax 10ct. 2.5

 2-Vandoren Traditional Reeds--alto sax 10ct. 3

 2-Vandoren Traditional Reeds--tenor sax 5ct. 2.5

 4-Vandoren Traditional Reeds--tenor sax 5ct. 3

 5-Pyne Poly Crystal Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

 2-Pyne Poly Crystal Alto Sax Mouthpiece

 1-E. Rousseau New Classic Tenor Sax mouthpiece NC5

 5-Woodwind cork Grease

 2- Conn-Selmer Prelude trumpet

 5-Conn-Selmer Prelude trombone

 5-Blue Juice

 5- Superslick

 1-Bobcat Mouthpiece Puller

 1-Pearl Concert Bass Drum with stand
 2-Ludwig Payson Concert Bass Drum Mallets
 1-Pearl Concert Series Snare with stand
 1-Zildijan Concert Crash Cymbals
 1- Yamaha Concert Bells
 5-Vic Firth Custom SD1 drumsticks
2-Zildjian Cymbal Mallets
1-Verve Suspended Cymbal Cradle Stand
2-Vic First M132 Xylophone mallets
1-Ludwig LE01368 Bell Stand
2-Vic Firth Nylon Bell Mallets (M140)
 1-Teacher Resouce Kit
 5-Alto Sax
 5-Tenor Sax
Elementary Music:
iMac with DVD player
Projector or smart-board
Bluetooth printer (like this)
Portable sound system w/CD player (like this)


2-iMac computers
2-iMac computers
1st Grade:
2-iMac computers
2nd Grade:
2-iMac computers
3rd Grade:
2-iMac computers
4th Grade:
2-iMac computers
5th Grade:
2-iMac computers
6th Grade:
2-iMac computers
2 computers have been funded by the generous donors from this past #iGiveCatholic event.  When those are installed we will adjust the need depending on what classroom they go to.
High School:
Fine Arts:
Social Studies:
Wall Map set on roller (like this)
Updated literature
Fax Machine
10-Calculators (with larger buttons)
iPad holder for tripod
2-year membership Adobe Creative Cloud
Annual Membership to
Cheer warmup uniforms
You can fund the program and find a detailed list  HERE