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St. Joseph Fighitng Irish Boys Soccer

St. Joseph Boys Soccer Team 2016-2017

Thank you Coach Joe Paul DeAngelo for helping the past two seasons, you made my job easier.


All Division Team Members: Austin Perkins, Michael Mansour, Tristan Hughes

Present plaques from MAIS


Alternate All-Star: Tyler Santucci


All-Star Players: Tres Santucci (1 assist in game) and Craig Gardiner (game winning goal and game MVP),


It has been an honor to coach these young men. To the seniors graduating I wish you nothing but the best of luck in your futures. To the underclassmen returning I wish you success throughout your high school careers and beyond high school. I would encourage many more young men to come out for the team next season as only 8 members will be returning to the team.


Thank you to all of the parents for helping me through the years and helping with feeding the players before games. This made road trips very easy.


Thank you to the Coach Strazi and the coaching staff and administration for support throughout the season.


I will miss this school and it will always hold a place in my heart.


Coach Craig Mandolini


St. Joseph Boys Soccer Team 2015-2016


From last years (2014-2015) record of (3-8) (3-5 in district) we improved to (9-7-2) (5-3 in district). We came in second in our district and made the play-offs for the first time in 3 years. This season was a major improvement from last year and next year looks to be another improvement. We are losing 4 seniors off of our squad this year and we will miss them, but look forward to a bright future. We will return 9 lettering veterans with more experience and excitement for an exciting year to come. Our team, this year, racked up 39 goals and only allowed 17. Junior, Craig Gardiner, led the team with 12 goals and Junior, Tres Santucci, was right behind him with 11 goals. Sophomore, Myles McMillan, led the team with 5 assists. Junior, Tristan Hughes, made 64 saves on the year as he became the dominant keeper mid-way through the season. Tyler Santucci, Craig Gardiner, and Tres Santucci were all three selected to the 2015-2016 MAIS All-Region Team. A great addition to the staff has been Coach Joe Paul DeAngelo, who came in to help with the team at the beginning of the season. We hate to see our seniors leave but are very excited about the bright future that St. Joe Soccer has in store.


Craig Mandolini

Head Boys Soccer Coach





St. Joe Boys Soccer 2014-2015


From last year, St. Joe Boys Soccer improved from a (1-10) (0-8 in district) record to a (3-8)   (3-5 in district). Although we did not make the playoffs, the end of the season proved to be a bright light for next year. We are not losing any seniors and will have the entire team returning with more experience with another season under our belt. We scored 16 goals more than doubling the 7 last year. We had 10 new player added to the roster this year, and 6 of those 10 had never played soccer before. We did a lot of learning and growing through the year. Our record does not indicate how well we actually did. 7 of our 11 games were decided by 2 goals or less and capping off the season with a 5 to 1 victory over Tupelo Christian shows how much we came together in the end. If everyone sticks together we have a great shot for next year, returning all 11 starters makes for a strong season to come.


Craig Mandolini

Head Boys Soccer Coach

St. Joseph Catholic School Alumni that went on to play soccer at the next level:


2011 – Lesadi Chambers – Centre University


2010 – Jared Walker – East Central Mississippi Community College

            Jana Slay – Alabama A&M


2008 – Craig Mandolini – Meridian Community College

            Ladarius Johnson – East Mississippi Community College


2007 – Latoyia Slay – Swanee College


2006 – Joe Paul DeAngelo – Mississippi Delta Community College

            Shauna Allen – Delta State University


2005 – Cheston Cascio – Mississippi Delta Community College

            Caroline Oakes – Mississippi Delta Community College

            Victoria Hill – Hinds Community College, Alabama A&M


2003 – Lindsey Slay – Prairie View


2002 – Thomas Azar – Mississippi Delta Community College


2001 – Trey Towles – Mississippi Delta Community College

            Allison Mullen – Hinds Community College, Mississippi State University

            Sarah Harrison – Hinds Community College

            Leanne Shamoun – Hinds Community College

            Jon Borgononi – Mississippi Delta Community College


2000 – Chris Azar – Mississippi Delta Community College

            Dustin Harden – Mississippi Delta Community College

            Emily Meadows – Christian Brothers University

            Rebecca Touchstone – Delta State University


1999 – Don Cook – Mississippi Delta Community College


1998 – Brian Strazi – Mississippi Delta Community College, Delta State University

            Greg Morlino – Mississippi Delta Community College

            Myau Jenkins – William Carey, Berry College


1997 – Curt Luke – Mississippi Delta Community College

            Gene Mauldin – Mississippi Delta Community College

            Brad Cocilova – Mississippi Delta Community College


1996 – Brad Strazi – Mississippi Delta Community College

            Jeffery Azar – Mississippi Delta Community College

            Jeffery Giachelli – Mississippi Delta Community College

            David Harrison – Mississippi Delta Community College

            Will Robinson – Mississippi Delta Community College


If someone is missing, feel free to email and the list will be updated.

The Saint Joseph Fighting Irish Boys Soccer program competes in the MAIS AAA division. Their district consists of:
St. Joseph Greenville
Indianola Academy
St. Aloysius 
River Oaks Academy 
Porters Chapel Academy
If you have questions, information, or pictures please e-mail them to: 


2016-2017 Boys Soccer Rosters



Tristan Hughes 5

Tres Santucci 3

Tyler Santucci 12

Craig Gardnier 9

Wade Chustz 1

Austin Perkins 2

D.J. Washington 14

Corbin Stewart 16



Zack Woodard 8

J.R. Duncan 10

Reggie Cotton 6



Michael Mansour 4



Burkley Griffin 7

Brittain Virden 20

Dhruv Punchal 15


8th Grade

Lennon Oltremari 18

Miguel Benavides 19


7th Grade

Frank Joseph Serio 13