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Specialty License Plate

specialty license plate st joseph catholic school

Pre-order Your Plate Today!

Below you'll see answers to the most common questions including how the funds will be used and questions about the tag itself.

St Joseph Catholic School is excited to be offering the opportunity to show your SJS/OLOL pride with the new specialty plate that will be available for pickup at your local tax collector's office in January.  Voting on the new plate closed on September 23rd, 2017 and all orders must be paid in full by March 12th, 2018 in order for us to get the plates for the upcoming year.  
The plates cost $31, $24 of that will come directly to St Joseph Catholic School for each plate/tag.  In order to produce the plates, we need a minimum of 300 orders.  Our goal is to have 600 which will give us just over $14,000 to purchase new computers for every classroom from pre-K to 12th grade.  Many of them are at the age that they can no longer be upgraded and will be unusable soon. 
After this initial order, the plates will be available in any county in the state of Mississippi and will only cost $31(of which we'll receive $24) each year to keep the plate. 
How do I pay for the specialty car plate? (which you'll just replace your tags each year)
You may stop by the office anytime during school hours and drop off a check, money order, or cash in the amount of $31 per plate.  You may mail it, as long as it arrives before March 12th, 2017.  The mailing address is "St Joseph Catholic School, License Plate, 1501 VFW Rd. Greenville, MS 38701"
Are you taking Credit Cards? 
We'd love to.  We have passed on the option in the past because of processing fees.  If you'd like to use PayPal to pay for the car tags, I have created a link here... We have added $1 to the cost for this to cover the fees.  The total to use PayPal will be $32 instead of $31. In the future, you'll pay your county tax collector and they take credit cards.
What if I didn't pre-order?
You can visit your local tax collector's office in person and fill out a specialty License Plate application and one will be mailed to you directly from the state officials.  
* If you're not part of the initial 300 to order then the cost of buying the plate is $43.50 if your tag is not up for renewal.  If your tag is due, then the initial cost is $33.50.  Both prices include a fee so that the state can mail the tag directly to you.  The school will continue to receive $24 for each car tag each year.
How do the numbers work?
The numbers on the plate are first come first serve.  They will print 300 of them and when the first person walks in to get theirs, they will get #1 and so forth.
Can I get my vanity name/numbers on these plates?
No. These plates are numbers only. 
What if I don't want to replace the current specialty plate I have?
You can still donate $31 to support the initiative.
Where and when will I get my plate?
Once the plates are delivered and ready for pickup at your local tax collector's office you'll be notified.  When you fill out the form, make sure you double check your email and phone number so that you get your notification as soon as possible.  They will be available in January but we're not exactly sure what date.
Will my plates/tags expire on a different date?
NO!  You're only paying the $31 for the new plate.  Your tags will expire on your normal date.  
Will I pay the $31 each year?
YES!  Every year you have a specialty plate, you'll pay the $31 fee (of which $24 will come to the school) to keep the plate/number.