Update I Give Catholic

What an amazing day, full of generosity, smiles, giving and love!

We started out with a bang.  By 2 pm we were up to $1,300.
It's not over! 
#iGiveCatholic goes until midnight tonight for online giving here: https://igivecatholic.org/designee/st-joseph-catholic-schhol-greenville-ms 
but if you'd like to write a check or drop off cash you can do that any time from today forward.  Just drop it off to either Neely or Ms. Moss at Lourdes and mark the envelope "I Give Catholic"  
I hope you all know we realize how much we ask of you.  It doesn't seem to end.  If you'd like to do more or maybe do more with less... check out the GIVE page on the school's website.  You can connect your Kroger card to us, use Amazon Smile and choose us as your charity, use Shutterfly to create your Christmas cards this year and many other ways to support us just doing what you do already.
This is a fantastic start to replacing the computers in the school.  We are already able to replace two non-functioning computers in the elementary from what we've raised today.  That's a HUGE blessing!  
It makes it a challenge to communicate with parents and the school when you don't have a computer.  So we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity!
We still have a little over 8 hours to make our goal!  I know we can do it.  
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