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Lourdes-Joseph Fund

It only takes .006% of your salary each month

The Lourdes-Joseph Fund helps us CLOSE THE GAP!  The GAP is the difference between what we charge in tuition and the actual cost to educate a child today. Currently that GAP is $725 per student per year.

As little as .006% of an hour of your salary each month will make a greater impact than you can imagine.
Every gift to St. Joseph Catholic School, no matter how large or small, makes a significant difference and assures that our students are inspired, supported and lifted up by our Fighting Irish community, building on a strong tradition of philanthropy and family.
Here's a brief video walking you through the process:

How much should I give?

The monthly gap to educate each student is $62 a month. By everyone contributing something, this will ensure that the GAP is closed. While we know not everyone can afford $62 a month. To help you decide how much to give we have created a giving chart. You can find that chart on the top left of this page.

Why not raise tuition?

We do look at the GAP and our current costs to educate each year. We have raised tuition when necessary and will do it again in the future when our GAP goes over a certain amount. With most families bringing in an average of $42,998 a year, making education affordable for everyone regardless of income, ethnicity, ability, and religion is our mission. So to raise tuition would instantly disqualify many amazing students. We take our dedication to the Delta very seriously and live by Matthew 25:40 and the values of St. Joseph.
May I dedicate my funds to a particular area or subject within the school?

Absolutely! If you'd like your funds to help with tuition, support our faculty, athletics, curriculum or a specific subject you can write that into the comment box when setting up your monthly draft. Typically most people either elect to have their contributions go where ever the greatest need is or just to the school in general.
How will I know if my contributions are being spent the way I asked them to be?

We are 100% transparent. Should you donate funds to our band department so that we can purchase instruments, we will gladly show you the receipts and the equipment we bought. You're even invited to watch them play. I know that would mean the world to the students.

Are there other ways I can help if I can only give a small amount each month?

YES! We are set up with Smile.Amazon, Kroger Rewards Card, Giving Assistant, Shutterfly, Box Tops, Coca-Cola, endowment funds and employer that offer matching funds. There are also many in-kind donation opportunities. There are tangible items and services that we will always need. Along with all of these opportunities, you can share SJCS with friends, family and your church. You can also add us to your prayers each week or night if you're so inclined.

Do I have to put my contribution on a credit card?

NO! And actually, we'd rather not create debt for you by helping us. We use to help us take online payments. They offer the opportunity for you to use your checking account to have your monthly contributions withdrawn. They only charge us $.19 per check. They also give you the option of paying that $.19. There is the option of using a debit or credit card should you prefer to do that. MasterCard, Visa, and Discover will charge us 1.9% + $.20 per transaction, but again, you may elect to cover those costs for us so that we may benefit from 100% of your contribution. There is also the option to send a check in the mail each month, quarterly or even yearly. Just write the check to St. Joseph Catholic School at 1501 V F W Rd.  Greenville, MS  38701

Is my donation tax-deductible?

YES! To the fullest extent that the law allows. Check with your accountant or the person that handles your taxes each year. You will receive a receipt from the school each January showing your financial and in-kind contributions.

Who can give?

Everyone! Your parents, your sisters, and brothers, members of your church, businesses in the community, mainly anyone that wants to promote higher quality education in the Delta. Once you've set up your monthly contribution take a moment to share with others. You can share by emailing, calling, posting on social media or visiting face-to-face. Tell them why SJCS is so important to you. Share stories that show what sets us apart from other educational institutions.

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In the event we haven't covered an issue or you have further questions, please email the Development Director Donna Shirey She'll be happy to answer any question you may have.

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